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Beyond Suffering Independent Study Certificate is a Course

Beyond Suffering Independent Study Certificate

Jun 19, 2024 - Dec 19, 2024

$175 Enroll

Full course description

It is always best to take Beyond Suffering in a class with other students, but if you are a motivated and disciplined self-starter with unique scheduling needs, the independent study format is available to you to help you keep on track to finish the course. The independent study course is offered for certificate only, and you will have six (6) months to complete it.

You will have to purchase the Beyond Suffering Study Guide in order to complete the course.

You can work at your own pace and submit the written assignments directly online. At the end of six months, after your work is submitted and approved, you will receive your Certificate of Completion either as an email attachment or in the mail.

*If you are interested in enrolling for any of our Beyond Suffering courses, and you live on a fixed income or you are a missionary or work for a missionary organization, please fill out the Beyond Suffering Financial Hardship Application. While we cannot guarantee a discount, we will take your particular situation under careful consideration.

Please submit any questions or problems with registration you might have to